Hey guys, today I want to speak about something different.

Let’s talk about ideas that can improve Hearthstone. 🙂


Yes, achievements ! It’s something that a lot of games have and also Hearthstone have but they are really few and they are for new players, but what about players who keeps playing ? Achievements tracker would be also great, to show your progress and have achievements points and also look for other ones that you haven’t completed.

2.More Emotes

So this one is not that exciting, but don’t you think if you have more emotes to choose would be great ? I mean something like in Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm with their voice lines, that you can choose for each hero. In Hearthstone it could be like that, you choice emotes for each hero and you can have a lot of choices.

3.In-Game Interface

The gameplay is great and everything is perfect while you are in a match, but wouldn’t be cool if you can choose where to put your deck over the screen ? Maybe your mana crystals ? Maybe choose on what map to play ? All of these can be great, is not something that is really necessary, but it’s something nice to have.

4.Daily Rewards

Daily rewards is something that Hearthstone really needs to be honest! There are a lot of F2P players that need to grind too much if they want to keep with other players.There was like 1 week of daily rewards and it was pretty nice, don’t you think it be better if it’s still in-game ?

5.Win Rewards

Yes I know, there are already win rewards. Like make 100 or 1000 wins, also the 500 ranked wins for golden portrait. This is pretty much grind also ! Maybe to have some other rewards for each 50 or 100 wins would be good also.Maybe more skins ? We will see if Blizzard decide to do it and i really hope they will.


Thank you for leaving time to read people ! Quiz is coming soon so keep staying around so you can catch it. Also i hope i’ll be able to get a host for my website so i can do more stuff on it and allow people to make accounts and get some prizes for doing quizes and stuff. You can really support me here if you follow my blog or follow me on instagram – @theinnhs i am posting different kind of pictures about Hearthstone you might like it. Thank you again and have a nice day/night !


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