Hello fam ! Today I want to talk about, how fast Hearthstone is growing and how good this is for us the Hearthstone players.
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So let’s get back at the end of 2014 where Hearthstone reaches that massive number 20 million players ! It’s huge number yet far, far away from now.

A few months later on early 2015 Hearthstone reaches 30 million players ! It’s keeping to grow, maybe because now you can play it on your mobiles and tablets.

Early 2016 Hearthstone make blast with +20 million players and makes it to 50 millions ! Now we can say this is one of the most played games for sure…

Dinosaur and Reno_000000.pngIn early 2017 after, a year without any population statistics from Blizzard, what we could think ? That the game is going down ? No it’s not ! Now it’s on 70 million players and it’s the second, most played game in the world ! We can hope, that it’s going to reach top 1, because it’s really possible.

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Thank you for staying in The Inn ! More Hearthstone news,quizzes and fun posts coming soon… Be sure to come back !

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